Social Media Tech Tip Tuesday

Corral Facebook

Although you can manually sort your feed chronologically (every time you go to Facebook), you can’t set this as the default.

If you use often Facebook from a web browser on your computer, then I highly recommend installing the F. B. Purity extension to take control of your Facebook experience.

The setting I set first is “News Sort : Most Recent” because I hate missing posts by my friends and family when Facebook decides they shouldn’t be featured on the news stream. This way I can view Facebook posts as they happen.

F. B. Purity Settings
So Many F. B. Purity Settings

There are lots of other settings, and each has an explanation if you hover your mouse over it. I probably would have deleted my Facebook account by now if it weren’t for this browser extension. I have removed the Facebook app from my phone because Facebook gives so little control over my experience.

It also helps keep me in the moment when I’m out and about. I take photos, but I don’t feel the need to post them right away. When I’m back home, I can relive the fun from the day and post my favorite photos. If I run across some news I want to post, I have to wait until I have time to be on my computer, so I often skip posting things that are just not that important.

If you have any questions about using F. B. Purity, feel free to contact me, or you can read the FAQ.